Statements on the "Super Star"

Wolfgang Mayrhuber,
Former Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Lufthansa AG until 31.12.2010

Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Vorstandsvorsitzender Deutsche Lufthansa AG"The Lockheed "Super Star" stands as a synonym for the advent of comfortable, long-haul travel in the 1950s. Its long range helped to shorten flight times and make air travel even more pleasurable. Half a century ago, Lufthansa pioneered the legendary Senator First Class service on board of the Super Star. A superior product that is more than ever in demand today.

I am very happy to support this project to make one of the world's last Super Stars airworthy again. This aircraft type was a highly important milestone in our company’s history."

August Wilhelm Henningsen,
Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Technik AG
until 31.03.2015

August Wilhelm Henningsen, Vorstandsvorsitzender Lufthansa Technik AG"The "Super Star" was the culmination in the history of propeller-driven longe-range aircraft. To make a last Lockheed L1649A airworthy again is a special honor and challenge for Lufthansa Technik as a company – and its employees. This project will no doubt be a professional and emotional highlight for all of us involved.I am looking very much forward to the road ahead that will ultimately lead us to the first flight of the reborn Super Star."

Bernhard Conrad,
President of Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung

Bernhard Conrad, Vorsitzender Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung"With the purchase of the Lockheed L-1649A, a true milestone of aviation will join the historic DLBS fleet. The 'Queen of the North Atlantic' is the perfect addition to our handpicked group of historic aircraft. Complementing the Junkers Ju 52/3m, and our other vintage flying machines, the Lockheed L1649A will be our next true flying legend."

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