Media archive

A large number of photographs and interesting footage is available on our vintage aircraft. Visit our media library.


We have a film library featuring rare and historic footage of our aircraft. Here is a selection:

Impressions of the Ju 52

What is it like to fly on the Junkers? Get an initial impression from this video clip.

Length: 1.13 mins

Round-trip flight

Footage of a round-trip flight on the Ju 52. Taking off from Berlin Tempelhof.

Length 1.24 mins

Yesteryear and now

Footage showing the vintage Ju 52 airplane in service today as well as flying in the 1930s.

Length: 1.39 mins


The fascinating Ju 52 story – Brief coverage showing the Junkers' exciting history as well as her transfer from Miami to Hamburg in 1984.

Length: 5.19 mins

Only Ju – Tribute to a Lady

"Only Ju" is a film that provides an unusual insight into the life of the lovingly restored Junkers Ju 52.

Length: 2 mins