Junkers Ju 52/3m "Aunt Ju"

Ju 52 has given us a one-time opportunity to preserve an important piece of aviation history as part of Germany's cultural heritage.

Only Ju – Tribute to a Lady

A film by Helge Heggblum
The smell, noise and sense of flying as it once was. What makes Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung's "Aunt Ju" so special? The film centers on "Aunt Ju's” everyday existence. Passengers and crew members recall their very own personal stories about the Ju and explain why this Hugo Junkers airplane is known so affectionately as "Aunt Ju".

And the technically minded do not go short either. The camera accompanies Lufthansa's “Old Lady" on a service check at the repair hangar in Hamburg. Supplementary technical details also tell the viewer why blue flames leap out of the Pratt & Whittney engines at night and why vintage airplanes need regular servicing to maintain their airworthiness and allow them to fly at all.

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Following some highly moving stories and breathtaking aerial photography, the film culminates with the closure of Berlin's Tempelhof Airport. DLBS's Ju 52 takes off for the last time on October 30, 2008 at 11.59 p.m. on "27R", the right-hand runway. The makers of this film also managed to capture a former test pilot, now at the grand age of 103. "This makes my day" is how the 103-year-old Berliner puts sitting in the cockpit while, as ever, not being able to leave the controls alone.

In HDTV quality, the film takes the viewer on a very special journey and, with Dolby Digital soundtrack (ac3), provides a treat lasting 52 minutes not only for the eyes but also for the ears. The off-voice belongs to no one less than Eckart Dux. His voice lends the film a wonderful character, perfectly wooing the hand of our beloved Aunt Ju.

The US version is narrated by West Westbrook.

The DVD and Blu-ray disk (from April 2009) as well as further Ju 52 articles from the Classic-Style Program are available from our online shop at www.pilotenshop-weiner.de.

Welcome on board!
Only Ju – Tribute to a Lady
Available for purchase from the www.pilotenshop-weiner.de online shop from April 2009.
Flying on the historic Junkers
Flying on the historic Junkers