Help to keep the history of flying alive for our children and grandchildren and make your contribution to shaping the goals of the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung.

This is how you can give us your support …

The Foundation's projects cost a lot of money – despite the honorary commitment on the part of many involved.
This is why we need your support. We welcome any donation or offer of long-term sponsorship.
  • You can support us as a foundation in preserving and displaying our historic aircraft.
  • Or by becoming involved in the Reinhardt Abraham Scholarships for young scientists in the field of civil aviation.
  • If you have a particular soft spot for old "Aunt Ju", the Friends of the Lufthansa Ju 52 society ("Freunde der Lufthansa Ju 52 e.V.") would love to welcome you on board as a new member or accept your donation.
The society of friends
The "Friends of the Lufthansa Ju 52" society was set up in 2002 to support necessary servicing and ongoing maintenance of the Ju 52. The idea for the society came from numerous inquiries from friends and sympathizers wanting to contribute their part to flying the "Aunt Ju".

The society helps to preserve the Ju 52 by making publicity as well as attracting new members and donations. The funds given to the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung are earmarked for the Foundation's projects.

You can also find further information by logging on to:
Account for donations
for the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung:
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Account for donations
for the Reinhardt Abraham Scholarships:
Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung
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Welcoming the Junkers as it lands